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Make crack cocaine with ammonia
Make crack cocaine with ammonia

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� NOW� Adventure� Animals� Auto� Culture� Entertainment� Health� Home & Garden� More� Lifestyle� Money� Science� Tech� Video� Shows� Quizzes� Lifestyle� Money� Science� Tech� Video� Shows� Quizzes Photo courtesy U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Step 1 (left): Dissolving powder cocaine in hot water Step 2 (right): Adding sodium bicarbonate to the mixtureCrack cocaine is also made from powder cocaine, but because its production doesn't require the use of flammable solvents, it is safer to make than freebase cocaine.

To make crack, powder cocaine is dissolved in a mixture of water and either ammonia or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). The mixture is boiled to separate out the solid, and then it's cooled. The solid is then dried and cut up into small nuggets, or "rocks." Photo courtesy U.S.

Drug Enforcement Administration Crack cocaine (in the filter on the right)Crack rocks are white or tan in color and typically range in size from .1 to .5 grams. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), crack rocks contain between 75 percent and 90 percent pure cocaine. Up Next� How Nitrous Oxide Works� Does alcohol freeze?� 10 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol� Is krokodil really a flesh-eating zombie drug?� How Bath Salts WorkMost of the cocaine that comes into the United States today originates in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

Cocaine is usually smuggled into the United States across the Mexican border. It arrives in the country in powder form and is converted to crack by the wholesaler or retailer (gangs make up most of the retail market in the United States).� �� Forum� Focus Forums� Other Drugs� Archive - OD� Using Ammonia to make Crackx� If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.�Other Drugs Forum GuidelinesYou must read before posting� The Other Drugs Directory� Threads of Importance in OD� Other Drugs Posting Standards� Addicted and need help? Following the instructions in Forgotten's Cocaine faq on how to make crack, is it necessary for the solution to be maintained at a higher than room temperature (ie warm but not hot) or is this heating simply to separate any cuts from the cocaine?A quick reply would be greatly appreciated as we're hoping to do this asap =p~Treeburner Are you set on doing this via the ammonia route?

I don't know the differences/benefits this way.but you say a quick answer would be I may suggest that if you're in a hurry, you may wanna just do it with some baking soda.not sure if you wanna actually have a rock to smoke, but you can always do the, piece of tinfoil/coke with some baking soda/water, i'm sure you know it from here. Originally posted by TreeburnerFollowing the instructions in Forgotten's Cocaine faq on how to make crack, is it necessary for the solution to be maintained at a higher than room temperature (ie warm but not hot) or is this heating simply to separate any cuts from the cocaine?A quick reply would be greatly appreciated as we're hoping to do this asap =p~Treeburner The heat helps the chemical reaction that is taking place.

It is easy to maintain a constant warm temperture with your household stove. Provided you still have electricity or gas hooked up, and haven't stiffed the companies on their bills. I've tried the baking soda, water and coke in a spoon before, but I can never seem to separate the precipate from the rest of the mixture and I end up having to smoke the whole salty mess once it dries. Now as far as I know, the mixture should be kind of soupy, not real watery but not paste, right?

I'm using a 2:1 coke:bakingsoda ratio as suggested by a number of people.Tried a couple times and only got it right once, seemed like the ammonia method might be easier to form and separate the precipate.Any advice?~Treeburner ^^^I've always purchased rocks already as such, not powder cocaine.and the looks have varied with the really good ones, so I'm not sure a definite answer can be provided, mainly due IMO to the fact that the coke that goes around has so many different cuts, different ones will cause different reactions.I have had soft, gooey rocks that have been awesome and sometimes average, and other times the most rock hard rocks were also really good.

Color in general always seems to be an off white, slightly yellow, but not too yellow, more off white. But again, not neccesarily an absolute fact.

Maybe someone else can give an answer "for sure" but I personally think it's near impossible due to all the different coke cuts, the different methods to make crack, etc. the physical properties are hardly a distinguishing factor in quality. Once it dries, crack looks somewhat like this, although obviously it varies.

A more yellow tint is common: Originally posted by RIkillaYou should probably use a test tube instead of a spoon.

That way you can see the layer of oil on top. Baking soda works just as well as ammonia does. Be careful to not leave unreacted cocaine. baking soda does work, but not as well as ammonia. it leaves a good bit of soda in the mix. Quick Navigation Archive - OD Top� Site Areas� Settings� Private Messages� Subscriptions� Who's Online� Search Forums� Forums Home� Forums� Bluelight Feedback� Wiki� Reference Materials� Global HR Workshop� Archive- Global HR Workshop� Announcements� Support� Support Archive� Bluelight Basics� New Member Introductions� Archive - NMI� Homeless Threads� Anonymous Posting� Testing Grounds�� Pill Testing Q&A� Pillreports Discussion�� Focus Forums� Drug FAQs� MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs� Archive - ED� Cannabis Discussion� Archive - CD� Performance Enhancing Drugs� Archive - SD� Psychedelic Drugs� Archive - PD� Other Drugs� Archive - OD� Vaping Discussion� Cannabis Vaping Discussion� Drug Discussion� Drug Studies� Completed Studies� Drugs in the Media� Archive - DITM� Basic Drug Discussion� Drug Testing Q&A� Pill ID Archive� Archive - BDD� Neuroscience and Pharmacology Discussion� Archive - ADD� Trip Reports� Archive - TR� Drug Culture� Archive - DC� MAPS Forums� MAPS Discussion� Archive - MAPS Discussion� Clinical Psychedelic Research & Medicine� Archive - Clinical Psychedelic Research & Medicine� Psychedelic Harm Reduction� Archive - Psychedelic Harm Reduction�� Recovery Support� The Make crack cocaine with ammonia Side� Archive - TDS� Sober Living� Archives- Sober Living� Mental Health� Archive- Mental Health� Community� Healthy Living� Archive - Healthy Living� Current Events and Politics� Archive - CEP� Sex, Love and Relationships� Archive - SLR� Philosophy and Spirituality� Archive - P&S� Education & Careers� Archive - E&C� Second Opinion� Archive - SO� Science & Technology� Archive - S&T� Arts & Entertainment� Electronic Music Discussion� Archive - EMD� Non-Electronic Music Discussion� Archive - NEMD� Words� Archive - Words� Film & Television� Archive - F&T� Sports & Gaming� Archive - S&G� Australia & Asia� Australian Drug Discussion� Australian Pill Info Requests� Archive - Australian Drug Discussion� Australian Social & Events� Archive - Australian Social� Archive - Aus Events� Europe & Africa� European & African Drug Discussion� Archive - EADD� European & African Events� North & South America� North & South American Social & Drug Discussion� Archive - NADD� Archive - NAS� North & South American Events� Northeast USA� Midwest USA� Other North and South American Regions� Archive - NAE� Bluelight History� Best of Bluelight� Bluelight Shrine� Harm Reduction� General Archives� Legal Discussion Archive� Closed: Bluelight Discussion I do not condone drug dealing,manufacturing or drug use.

I am just an independent journalist sharing my research and findings that I made while writing my new book.Song is JJ the Genius-Show you how to. I do not own it. � silkroad1-forums-anonymous � 2013-10-15 � Discussion � Drug safety Silk Road forums Discussion => Drug safety => Topic started by: tweak358 on May 10, 2013, 04:47 amTitle: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: tweak358 on May 10, 2013, 04:47 amany tips on cooking my 8-ball down to some nice big smokable rocks.

I have have all sorts of ratios of soda to coke and some say filter everything when it's don't bubbling and some say scrape the crack off the top and dump whatever sinks, I guess whatever so is is 90% soda? I don't care about making super high quality I am not a smoker.

If I can come out with some passable rocks that won't have these guys trying to stick me cuz I tipped them off but at the same time get a nice amount of volume I will be very happy.Title: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: ChemCat on May 10, 2013, 05:08 amThis is Quoted from the Clearnet.:PCats do that :PThe MicrowaveYou need a shotglass if you're cooking like a quad. Any more and you should get a thick glass or pyrex drinking glass.Baking sodaCocaineWaterPut your coke in the shotglass, I'd put around 7g in a shotglass for reference.

Throw in about 2gs of baking soda and fill the shotglass about half full. Stir this up with something.You do NOT want your mixture to "pop" in the microwave. It gets crack everywhere and is generally not fun to scrape your microwave down.

-_-;Stick it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. Pull it out, look at it, you're looking for a SHITLOAD of oil. If you don't think it's enoughput it back in the microwave for about 5seconds or so.

After you think you've got all you can get stir your butterknife in the shotglass until you've got all the oil clung on there. You'll probably have to take it out because making a giant rock is somewhat hard.Spoon and Baking sodaProbably the most common method.You need: Spoon, baking soda, water, lighter, small knifeYou want to use aproximately a 1:4 ratio. Meaning, 1 gram of coke .25 of baking soda.Put the coke in the spoon, put the soda in the spoon, put enough water to cover it with a little extra.

Heat the spoon up. If your shit starts to foam that means it's garbage and is cut with way to much baking soda. You need to be very careful heating it up if it starts to foam, don't let it cool off, keep heating it but not to the point where it's smoking.

You want to heat it until there is an oil on the top of the water (this oil is crack). If your shit doesn't foam thats a good thing just heat it up until you see oil.

When you stop seeing more oil form you set your lighter down and pick up a small knife. Slowly stir the knife around the oil pile (this takes some practice as if you use an icecube it cools really fast and you have to know what you're doing so for people that don't I'd 86 the icecube).

When it starts to get cool you'll notice that the oil is sticking to your knife. Once you get all the oil onto the knife get out your pipe and throw that rock on there (it'll be smooshy until it don't have to wait for it to dry those wet hits are the best).The Coffee PotI've only seen this used with amounts over an ounce or more so I'm going to use an ounce in this.You need 1oz coke, 7g baking soda, lots of water, bunsen burner or gas stove, pyrex coffee pot (glass ones work but they get really hot really fast)You don't need a huge flame to do this at all.

Throw all the shit in the coffee potfill it about half full of water. Mix it around. Put it on the flame until you see it all bubble up stir it while its bubbling. In about a minute or so you'll start to see that beuatiful oil. Remove from heat,throw some ice in there usually like 12 cubes or so. Stir it some more. I would let this dry for a while on a plate or something.Shotglass AmmoniaYou need 7g cocaine, ammonia, shotglass, knifePut the coke in the shotglass, fill it half full with ammonia and stir it.

After a minute or two it will turn to oil and stick to the knife. Throw it onto a plate and let it dry for a second. You don't have to I guess, but when I cooked with ammonia I always got about 6 coffee filters, folded them half way and put all my rocks in there and rinsed it off for about 10seconds in the faucet.

Then I let them dry.Spoon and AmmoniaYou need 1-3g of coke, ammonia, spoon, lighter, knifePut the coke in the spoon, cover it with ammonia, heat it up for about 3 seconds until it turns to oil (it turns to oil fast). Scrape oil up with the knife.I would also say you need to rinse this off as well with the above method.**EDIT**I know nothing about crack so i cannot assure that this is true :Pbut if i were to do some of these techniques.i would use some ice/ice water in place of the "knife":Pgottuh make 'em Rock Up when yur tryin to make that Jelly Roll :PPeace,ChemCat O0Title: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: dirtybiscuitzz718 on May 10, 2013, 05:41 amYea, that pretty much covers it.When ever i was checking purity ob batches of soft back in the day, i used to rock a gram in a glass cigar tube, or blood vial.Title: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: ChemCat on May 10, 2013, 05:54 amyeppers :) 1 gram .to 3 lines of baking soda (same length as razor) 1/8'th inch wide or less.about 1.5 inches of water in the Aquarium heater tube (LOL)place powder and baking soda into Aquarium heater tube (LOL)have a sauce pan with about 4 cups of water boiling on the stove.swirl Aquarium heater tube (LOL) in boiling water.check frequently.once you see oil on top of the water and trash at will need to suddenly dip Aquarium heater tube (LOL) into another saucepan or bowl of ice water.constantly spinning /twisting the Aquarium heater tube (LOL) around.Soon you will see the Fruits of Your Labor!!Voila!!You now have about 9 tenths of a gram of Crack Coccaine!

:PTitle: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: tweak358 on May 10, 2013, 10:42 amthanks guys, once I cook it down I won't be very tempted to use it. I tried it about a decade ago and didn't enjoy it but yet still found my self ghost hunting for little pebbles in and undrneath my car seat. I then proceeded to accidently leave a .380 in a hotel room. Also everytime I have been on the other end of a gun a smoker or a cop was behind the triggerr, funny thing is I never really felt threatened.Title: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: charas420 on May 10, 2013, 03:36 pmWashing C is very easy with Bicarb or ammonia, Its a little scary first time as Coke is not cheap.It may help to understand the chemistry behind it, I tried to explain it in another thread, I will paste it belowWhen you wash Coke into Crack (freebase) you are turning the coke from a Salt back to a base, A salt is water soluble and the Base is not its turned into a salt to make it able to be snorted or IVed.

Crack as you will know needs vitC or Citric acid to break it down, making it dissolve in the water. which is basically turning it back to a water soluble salt.

Another point is that a Salt cannot be smoked as its vape temp is too high while the base vapes at a lower temp and can be smoked.It is the same as the difference between heroin no3 (smoking Heroin) and no4 (snorting, IV) no3 being the Base and no4 being the salt.You can wash H No4 back to No3 with Bicarb the same as making crack from Coke, and add citric/vitC to no3H to be able to IV it.

Its all to do with the PH of the Coke/Gear.I hope this makes a little sense, it took me a long time to get my head around.Try washing a bit of Coke it really is very easyand very difficult to fuck up.In answer to the question, they should be the same but IMO I think the hit from the crack when IVed is better than a coke hit and that even when they originate from the same batch of Coke.

IMO Crack gives a much better high than Coke, saying that I like working on Coke and I can't say that about Crack.CTitle: Re: making crack cocaine (freebase)Post by: Mr Lucy on July 24, 2013, 11:28 pmThanks for the highlights.Though does a"pencils_italia" <> wrote in> (AbsolutStuff) wrote in messagenews:<>.> > I was wondering what the best ammonia method for cooking crack is.

Ihave read> > that you only need to add the powder to the ammonia.let the oil slickform,> > spoon it out, let it dry and wash. Others have said it needs to beheated?> > Then do the otehr steps. Which is the right way?

Also, is there that bigof a> > difference in the hits you get verses cooking with baking soda? Whichis> > better? Thanks.>> get a soup spoon, i mean a real soup spoon, meaning a spoon that has a> nice big dip in the middle and is larger than a teaspoon.

Put a half> gram of good quality coke in the spoon, and then carefully, pour> ammonia over the coke in the spoon, make sure you get the unscented> kind of ammonia, just 100 percent ammonia, or you have just lost all> your coke as scented ammonia doesnt make anything but mush.

Ok, now> get a bic lighter, and slowly heat the combo of coke and the ammonia> lighting a couple inches under the spoon, but do it slowly and make> sure there isnt too much ammonia, but not too little either. Soon ,> you should see an oil slick forming, or a few of them in the spoon,> dont let the liquid start boiling, and try to keep the oil slick in> the middle of the spoon cus if it goes to the edges you are going to> eventually lose some nice stuff.

Ok, now that the oil slicks have> formed, put the spoon down on a table and with a metal can opener, you> know, the ones that have a coke bottle opener on one end and on the> other end a sort of pointy opener, that used to open beer cans, i> guess they still open somethings, it has a sort of sharp tip to it.> Anyway, dip that pointy ended part into the liquid, and go back make crack cocaine with ammonia forth lifting up the oil slick stuff, gently and paying attention not> to get the oil stuff which is the crack to go to the sides of the> spoon.

Be patientthis will take a couple minutes or more. Then you> should have a good sized rock clinging to that end of the bottle> opener. Put that pointy end on a piece of paper, newpaper is ok, dont> use paper towels as they stick. It will dry pretty quickly, Then you> can take the bottle opener with the rock still on it, and wash it> under cold water for a minute or so. Then put the thing back on the> newspaper and let it dry again.

It wont fall off the bottle opener as> you wash it. Ok, now its dry, and this doesnt take very long at all.

I> keep hearing ppl are supposed to wait over night for it to dry, but i> never did that. Well, now just break off a piece of the rock, put it> in a pipe and smoke it. From my experience using ammonia makes for a> stronger hit than does baking soda, but maybe that is just my> experience, I have been told that doing it with soda is more "healthy"> for you, as it is less toxic, or really not toxic at all, compared to> ammonia. Probably this is true. An alternative way to make "crack" or> really free-base, is to get a sake cup, and put the coke in it, then> put in a little ammonia and just a drop of water.

then get a wooden> chop stick, and slowly "stir" the liguid in the sake cup, and> eventually, a rock will form on the chop stick and you put that on> newspapers to dry along with pouring whatever is left in the sake cup> on newspapers and let that dry.

That is the way we used to do it> 20-odd years ago. and it worked pretty well, but, i think the heating> way with the dipping in of the metal is better, and is something i> learned not too long ago.

So, why not try both ways, sorryi cant> help as to how to make it the baking soda way, i know, it is a lot> more time consuming, but maybe worth it if you dont want all that> ammonia in your system which even if you wash the stuff there will> still be some residue.

pencilsRAT ALERT!!! Get involved with pencils, AKA joyce moffat at your own risk.She has been known to befriend people from this NG and then turn on them,posting personal real-world details and vitriol here.You have been warned.-~misfit~ I want first to express my personal opinion that freebasing isa very bad thing to do for your body and mind. I have seen a fewpeople hooked on it, and it is not a nice thing to see. I stronglydisrecommend doing it.

It is easy to overdose and die of cardiacarrest. Some people doing freebase will exhibit the same kind ofbehavior as those rats whose pleasure centers are electricallystimulated: they will do it until either the supply runs out, or untilthey die.The recipes are readily available. In fact, a few years ago,police officers would go to great lengths explaining how crack wasmade when given interviews (at least in Montreal)! There was also anarticle in Time a few years ago explaining the procedures.I have never tried any of those procedures or smoked freebase,and will never do it.

The information I post comes from a used bookletI bought a long time ago ("Cocaine Handbook", by Davis).Crack is actually an impure form of freebase. Procedures forboth substances are based on the fact that while cocaine hydrochlorideis very soluble in water, base cocaine is almost insoluble.freebase:mix about 1 g of coke in 10 ml of water in a small vial.Slowly add drops of ammonia to the solution.

A white milky precipitatewill form. Stop adding ammonia when additional drops no longer resultin precipitation. Add 5 ml of ethyl ether, close vial, and shake. Theprecipitate (freebase) will dissolve in the ether. Siphon off theether with a pipette (ether and water don't mix), and slowly drip iton a plate. As the ether evaporates, white crystals will form. This isthe evil freebase. Crush the crystals and put under a heat lamp for atleast 24 hrs to let the solvent evaporate.ETHYL ETHER IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.

IN THE PRESENCE OF AIR ITCAN FORM PEROXIDES WHICH WILL SPONTANEOUSLY EXPLODE! ALSO, ETHER CAN"CRAWL" FROM AN OPEN BOTTLE AND TRIGGER AN EXPLOSION MANY FEET AWAY.This is how Richard Pryor almost died. A lot of untrainedpeople killed themselves doing that procedure, and this is why crackis now more popular.crack:mix 2 parts ok coke HCL for 1 part baking soda in 20 ml ofwater. Heat solution gently until white precipitates form, and stopheating when precipitation stops.

Filter and keep precipitate. washprecipitate once with water (this procedure usually omitted in streetproduct). Dry 24 hours under heat lamp. Voila. The product is muchless pure (there is lots of baking soda left) but the procedure issafer.=============================================================================Date: Fri, 13 Nov 92 09:21:26 -0500From: (anonymous)Subject: Crack / Rock CocaineLet me first say that this is also freebase.

Its not as pureas the other recipe and has a *much smaller return* than usingammonia (no one really does the ether part, just ammonia and heat it).[previous crack "recipe" deleted -cak]After gentle heating, it will float to the top, any excess sodawill precipitate to the bottom.

Given that, you'd never filterit, and the 24 hour heat lamp thing is unrealistic, too. Note thatwhat you're trying to do is start and sustain a chemical reaction(bonding the hcl with the base-soda) so as long as the reactionis happening you don't have to continue heating.=============================================================================In article <> writes:>I suspect that freebase cocaine is probably not too bad for your lungs.After writing this, I bopped onto Medline and yanked the following abstractsfor the sake of thoroughness:1.

Khalsa ME; Tashkin DP; Perrochet B.Smoked cocaine: patterns of use and pulmonary consequences.Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 1992 Jul-Sep, 24(3):265-72.(UI: 93058148)Abstract: This article offers a perspective on the use of volatilizedalkaloidal cocaine in its freebase and crack forms and on the pulmonaryconsequences of such use.

The inhalational route of administration offreebase and crack cocaine exposes the lung to their combustion products,raising concern about possible adverse pulmonary effects. A briefhistorical review of cocaine and its methods of use precedes thepresentation of data concerning current modes and patterns of use and somepulmonary complications of crack and freebase use.

Results from asystematic study of a large sample of cocaine users document a highfrequency of occurrence of acute respiratory symptoms in temporalassociation with cocaine smoking. No relationship was detected between theprevalence of acute pulmonary symptoms and identifiable aspects oftechniques of cocaine administration. These results suggest that therespiratory consequences of alkaloidal cocaine are most likely attributableto the inhaled cocaine itself, rather than to variable characteristics ofusage.2.

Oh PI; Balter MS.Cocaine induced eosinophilic lung disease.Thorax, 1992 Jun, 47(6):478-9.(UI: 92358464)Abstract: A patient developed fever, bronchoconstriction, hypoxaemia, pulmonaryinfiltrates, and serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid eosinophilia on twooccasions after inhaling crack cocaine.

Transbronchial biopsy specimensshowed normal lung parenchyma but a dense eosinophilic infiltrate withinthe bronchial wall.

Both episodes resolved promptly after treatment withcorticosteroids. Eosinophilic lung disease may be a steroid responsivecomplication of crack cocaine abuse.3.

Perper JA; Van Thiel DH.Respiratory complications of cocaine abuse.Recent Developments in Alcoholism, 1992, 10:363-77.(UI: 92270885)Pub type: Journal Article; Review; Review, Tutorial.Abstract: Upper respiratory and pulmonary complications of cocaine addictionhave been increasingly reported in recent years, with most of the patientsbeing intravenous addicts, users of freebase, or smokers of "crack." Thetoxicity of cocaine is complex and is exerted via multiple central andperipheral pathways.

Recurrent snorting of cocaine may result in ischemia,necrosis, and infections of the nasal mucosa, sinuses, and adjacentstructures. Pulmonary complications of cocaine toxicity include pulmonaryedema, pulmonary hemorrhages, pulmonary barotrauma, foreign bodygranulomas, cocaine related pulmonary infection, obliterativebronchiolitis, asthma, and persistent gas-exchange abnormalities.Respiratory manifestations are nonspecific and include shortness of breath,cough, wheezing, hemoptysis, and chest pains.

Severe respiratorydifficulties have been reported in neonates of abusing mothers. In theabsence of a cocaine-abuse history, it may be difficult to recognize theetiological role of cocaine, especially in the absence of needle trackspointing to previous intravenous drug abuse and/or negative toxicology.4.

Ferre C; Sirvent JM; Vidaller A.[Hemoptysis and pulmonary infiltrates following crack poisoning (letter)].Medicina Clinica, 1992 Mar 7, 98(9):358.Language: Spanish.(UI: 92261122)Pub type: Letter.5.

Tashkin DP; Khalsa ME; Gorelick D; Chang P; Simmons MS; Coulson AH; Make crack cocaine with ammonia HJr.Pulmonary status of habitual cocaine smokers.American Review of Respiratory Disease, 1992 Jan, 145(1):92-100.(UI: 92117426)Abstract: We determined the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and lungdysfunction in a large sample of habitual smokers of freebase cocaine("crack") alone and in combination with tobacco and/or marijuana.

Inaddition, we compared these findings with those in an age- and race-matchedsample of nonusers of crack who did or did not smoke tobacco and/ormarijuana. A detailed respiratory and drug use questionnaire and a batteryof lung function tests were administered to (1) a convenience sample of 202habitual smokers of cocaine (cases) who denied intravenous drug abuse and(2) a reference sample of 99 nonusers of cocaine (control subjects).

Thecocaine smokers (85% black) included the following: 68 never-smokers ofmarijuana, of whom 43 currently smoked tobacco and 25 did not, and 134ever-smokers of marijuana (42 current and 92 former), of whom 92 currentlysmoked tobacco and 42 did not.

The control subjects (96% black) includedthe following: 69 never-smokers of marijuana, ofBlack Poppy's Junk Mail By People who use Drugs for People who use Drugs� BP�s Mini Gazette -printed twice weekly� Home� About Us� A � Z of Health� Abscesses -A New Update� Avoiding Hepatitis C / HIV � Tips from your peers� Clostridium� Citric Acid in Heroin: How Much is too Much?� Constipation� Deep Vein Thrombosis � DVT� Drug Induced Seizures -updated� Endocarditis� Good Habits Vs Bad Habits� Hepatitis C � What you need to know� HIV � The Amazing RetroVirus� Hygiene Do�s and Don�ts� Injecting in the Hands� Images of Veins in Body Part 1� Your Body�s Venous System in 3D� Introducing Your Liver� Meditation� Nasal Douches� Osteomyelitis� Safer Injecting: Best videos on how to inject safely� Stimulant Induced Skin Picking� The A-Z of Overdose� Cocaine and Stimulant OD�s� The Many Types of Overdose� Campaigns� Calendar of Events� Timeline of Events in the History of Drugs� Magazine Information� Excerpts from BP Magazines� BP�s Favourite Articles� Dealer�s Discuss�� Degrees of Separation� My family in chains; My parents affair with heroin.� New York City; Drug Use in the Belly of the Beast� The Ashes from Phoenix� The fascinating role of the court Expert Witness;� Junk Art and Literature� Brilliant People Who Used Drugs� William Wilberforce� Naloxone � our communitys� lifesaver� A- Z Substances� Ayahuasca � or Yage� Cannabis� Crack and Freebase Cocaine� Dexedrine (dexamphetamine)� Diamorphine or Heroin on prescription� Heroin purification� Ibogaine� Ketamine� Mephedrone � (4MM Cat)� Methadone � The History of Juice� Methamphetamine� Naltrexone� Resources & Publications� Benefits: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals� Something from the Press� Drug User Unions -Globally� Global Drug User Magazines� Recommended Links Image via WikipediaUpdated Nov.

2015NOTE: Don�t forget to check out our article on Cocaine -How do You Take Yours? This looks at the ways in which we take our coke, talks to the peeps involved and gives some useful harm reduction tips for users.This information has been collected from using in-depth research online (from the best users/cooks) from our crews own experiences, and some brilliant books -or rather one brilliant book -The Cocaine Handbook -from Dave Lee (avail in reprint I believe).Now it wouldn�t be right to start this article without saying that The Cocaine Clean-Up is truly a double-edged sword; In our black market world of horrid adulterants and �God knows what the fuck� is in our street cocaine these days -it is a really good thing to be able to do something to take the control back into your own hands and do something to clean up your cocaine from the adulterants in it.

And true, while we cannot get rid of them all, even via freebasing the old school way (levisomole, the cattle de-wormer is believed to survive that process!), it significantly makes for a better tasting product -in that you will feel MUCH less wired, speedy, agitated etc and will quickly realise that the cleaned up product is a very different drug from the street stuff.

But, when there is a good thing -there�s�a shitty thing around the corner -in this case -the incredible craving after one pipe of base, is waaaay more than lines or even injecting�You MUST really consider things hard before embarking down this road -yes clean up your product if you are a regular user -but put down some strict rules at the start -ie Never use your cash card a 2nd time (take out enough cash that you can afford -and score ONCE -hand over the card to your partner or leave it at the office etc).

Don�t keep using after midnight. Only use after you have eaten and slept and only on a Friday nite, etc. These kinds of rigid rules can help from the get go. Keep to them. There is nothing more desperate, frighteningly outa control and upsetting than someone you love, or yourself, who has lost it on the rocks.

The scale of loss can be mindblowing. You have been warned! Don�t embark on this when you have nothing else to do -otherwise this will soon be the only thing you want to do. Okay, to the text� How To Make Crack And How To Make Freebase CocaineThis 1st piece (not from our mag) came from David Lee�s bible � The Cocaine Handbook. At least you�ll know what�s in it eh?ProceduresProcedures for both substances (crack and freebase cocaine) are based on the fact that while cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) requires a high temperature to ignite, base cocaine requires a much lower temperature to ignite.

This makes it ideal for smoking.These methods are based on personal experience and information found in an out of print book called the cocaine handbook, by David Lee. A truly excellent book, and a must-have for any coke user. Refs at the end of this article. How To Make Crack (common street method)This is the most common method, but pretty rough to be honest and not the best way to get the best product.Get a spoon and mix 2 -3 parts of cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) to 1 part baking soda in 20 ml of water.

(Some say 3-1, others say 2-1: best to start smaller and add a bit more if needed)Heat solution gently (with a lighter) until white precipitates form, and stop heating when precipitation stops.After gentle heating, the freebase cocaine will float to the top, any excess soda will settle on the bottom.Just collect the compound that rises to the top, and you have the finished product, it is ready to use.Note that what you�re trying to do is start and sustain a chemical reaction (bonding the hydrochloride with the base-soda) so as long as the reaction is happening you don�t have to continue heating.Dig this dudes crack pipe!

What you can�t see too well is the rubber tube pushed into the end of the glass pipe, which then trails about a foot or maybe even 45 cm or so, into the dudes mouth. I reckon this would work well, creating a low heat burn and burning that crack nice and slow and low temperatures, which is the recommended way.

None of this WHOOSH! And its all gone up in one lungful of smoke. It should be sipped, shall we say, like the cheap wine that she is. But apart from Whitney Houston�s 8 balls wrapped up in a cannabis joint, all wrapped tightly in a�now whats the name of those cigar papers that big ass smokers roll their weed in???

Is it a bomb? Memory has escaped me, funny that. (gee, his thumb has seen some better days, lighting pipes till the sun goes down in Texas� How To Make Crack (uncommon method)I�ve never seen anyone try this method. You make crack as described above, then wash it with water and allow to dry for a day. Its for the connoisseur no doubt, but the patient sort�Mix 2 parts of cocaine hydrochloride to 1 part baking soda in 20 ml of water -or enough water to make a thickish paste -pancake style.

Heat solution very gently until white precipitates form; This is best done by putting a glass pyrex bowl (with the crack paste inside it) gently placed into a saucepan of simmering water; it will heat your crack gently without cooking it and degrading your product.

Keep stirring adding drops of water if needed. Turn your knife (copper penny, or steel knife tip) over and over as it begins to collect a cracky blob. Stop heating when precipitation stops.Collect the freebase cocaine that floats to the top.Ideally, you�should wash this crack make crack cocaine with ammonia once with water (this procedure usually omitted in the street product).Dry 24 hours under a heat lamp. Voila (this procedure usually omitted in the street product by the impatient!).

How To Make Freebase Cocaine -Old School WayThese days, and after a lot of accidents ala Richard Pryor, ether is not really recommended as a method to encourage in cooks. It is believed that just using acetone is the overall safest method which has the best result.

Ammonia is also used -however you must be patient and prepared for both of these things to thoroughly dry -48hours dry -before smoking -or you will be damaging your lungs.For information sake � here is the Old School Ether way.Crack cocaine is less pure than � Posted by SOULJAHTHUG on 2:19 am on Feb.

14, 2002INEED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE CRACK THE ROCK FORM OF COCAIN� Posted by The Great Milenko on 2:57 am on Feb. 14, 2002No�what you need to know, is how to turn you fucking caps lock off!!

you damn crackhead!!� Posted by wlwrk4fd on 9:29 am on Feb. 23, 2002To make crack from cocaine, you need to get a 5 gallon glass jar, put about 2 cups of cocaine for every 5 gallons. A�No more, No less. A�Fill to the top with water. A�Sit it on your porch for about 210, giving it ample time to evaporate.

A�You will have a gooey syrup at the bottom of the jar. A�Place the jar in a large capacity freezer for another 28 days and you will have a nice collection of rocks, about 4,000-6,000 total.� Posted by dellexo on 6:03 pm on Feb.

23, 2002What a load of shit!!! crack/free base cocaine has a different chemical structure compared with straight coke.Crack/freebase is produced from coke using ammonia solution or sodium bicarbonate Not just water and evaporation!! By the way 2 cups of coke,shit man i wish i could afford that.� Posted by The Great Milenko on 11:08 pm on Feb. 23, 2002LMAO!! ahh my sides!!

HAHAH!!I�ve read the real recipe for crack and it�s not some two bit newb recipe that uses water and a freezer!! hahah!! and think about it �your trying to smoke a frozen liquid� i�d like to see you try!! hahah!!!Oh and btw change your fucken sig wlwrk4fd before you get deleted! it�s not even made right!! plus it fucks up the screen, so shorten it now!� Posted by unabonger420 on 7:05 pm on Mar. 4, 2002ok look this is what u need coke,mason jar, a pot, baking soda, a vile, another pot of cold water A � put some water in the pot and let it boil now A�get A�5 grams of coke and get 1 gram of baking soda mix them together A�now put A�the mixture in the jar with the lid off and put the jar A�in the boiling water A�put some water in the jar while it A�is boiling (about enough so A�the mix floats) then when A�the mix starts to A�bubble itself pull the jar out of the pot and A�pour the A�mix A�into a vile like the ones in chemistry class and put the vile in a pot of cold water and this will cause the mix to rock up and u got CRACK!!!!!� Posted by dellexo on 6:12 pm on Mar.

9, 2002Freebase is easy to make.Just add 1grm of coke to about 10-15Ml of houeshold ammonia in a spoon.Heat whilst mixing whith a needle or pin,after a while the mix will seporate leaving a oil on the surface.This oil soon collects into a lump on top of the ammonia,after a while the oil coagulates.Remove the semi solid lump and make crack cocaine with ammonia it dry,Smoke and enjoy:biggrin:� Posted by Jerprob on 8:36 pm on Mar.

10, 2002heh, go listen to the song Getto D by master P (i think its by master p)�it tells you how to make and deal�.� Posted by Solidus Snake on 10:25 pm on Mar. 11, 2002Jerprob is right fella, you wanna learn how to make crack, then go cop ya that cd �Ghetto D� by Miller (masterp)�.the very first song on the album tells u exactly how to make crack from cocaine�.wlwrk4fd�u da man, that was hilarious make crack cocaine with ammonia cups of cocaine hehehe) Error 403We're sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for/forum/showthread.php?t=220054 on this server.An invalid request was received from your browser.

This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server or browser privacy software.Your technical support key is: b2a5-0ddc-1756-6707You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact subscriptions(@)drugs-forum(.)com and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

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